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Student Handbook

Student Handbook

In keeping with Catholic, Josephite philosophies, St. Augustine High School holds a high standard of conduct for its students and community members. St. Augustine’s expectations of conduct are designed to develop students into individuals who lead lives of leadership, scholarship, and service. This is a high calling, beyond the basic standards of our society.

The Student and Family Handbook serves as an agreement that the parents, guardians, and students make with our school regarding the educational mission, philosophy, goals, policies, and rules.

It is extremely important that you read this handbook so that you understand your responsibilities and rights as members of the St. Augustine High School community. Each year the administration makes revisions in the handbook.

Highlights of the Student and Family Handbook include:

  • Mission, Philosophy & History
  • Academic Curriculum & Support
  • Grading System
  • Expectations of Parents and Guardians
  • Disciplinary Policies
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Religious Program
  • Attendance Requirements
  • Cell Phone Policy
  • Service Hour Requirements

23-24 Student Handbook 22-23 Final Copy.pdf