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Marching 100


The Grammy Award winning Marching 100 has participated in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Opening Ceremonies for Super Bowl 24, and has twice marched in The Tournament of Roses Parade. In 2018, The Marching 100 took their first international trip to Ontario, Canada, in partnership with the Niagara Catholic District School Board. In 2021, the band was featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes in a story title: Best Band in the Land. June 2024 will see The Marching 100 participate in the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings in Normandy, France.

No experience is required to join the Marching 100. You will be taught everything that is needed to know to participate. As a productive member of the Marching 100, you will increase your chances of earning college scholarships as a musician. All we ask is that you practice discipline and the desire to want to be the absolute best.



In addition, The Marching 100 has also performed for

*5 Consecutive U.S. Presidents
*Numerous NBA games
*Several NFL games
*Featured in several TV commercials
*Featured in dozens of news special and documentaries, & publications.