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Jr. Purple Knights Summer Camp


St. Augustine High School is offering a spectacular summer camp experience where middle school students can meet new friends, explore a variety of interests, and learn under some of the best and most experienced high school coaches in New Orleans !

Registration for our 2022 Junior Purple Knights Summer Camp on the campus of St.  Augustine High School is coming soon!

Registration Instructions

Go to


  • When registering for the 1st time- Click on “Create An Account” and enter your email and create your own password. (Please be sure to remember this password as you will use this for years to come for all of your students/campers.) 

  • Click on “Begin Registration”

  • Select Activity - "Jr. Purple Knights Summer Camp"

  • Select "Participant” 

    • Add a New Participant (or choose your child once created)

    • All information on this page is for the student, i.e. cell phone, email

  • Select  "Camps"

    • Select the one-time registration fee.

    • Choose the camp (s) your child wants to participate in.

    • Add optional aftercare. 

  • “Roster Details”

    • You will be asked for the camper's t-shirt size.

  • “Primary Parent/Guardian Information”

    • Fill out the Parent information on the next page.

  • “Legal Form”

    • You will be asked to consent to a waiver. To agree click on the boxes at the bottom of the page. You are agreeing and consenting to all information provided.  

    • You may click on the form to read or print. 

  • “Summary”.

    • You will see a summary of the camps you have registered for and will be asked to pay by electronic check or by credit card. 

    • Click on “Finish” to complete your registrations-You will receive an email confirmation from Please check your email for this- and your spam. Add this email to your contacts to ensure delivery.  You will receive important communications from St. Augustine High School from this email.

You may contact the St. Augustine High School if you have any questions at