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St. Augustine High School dedicates bus, honors donors


St. Augustine High School recently held a ceremony to dedicate its new Purple Knight bus in honor of the James P. Raymond Jr. Foundation who gave a substantial gift to the school to underwrite the purchase of the bus

The dedication ceremony was held in the St. Augustine High School courtyard.  Speakers included Kenneth St. Charles Ph.D., St. Augustine President and CEO, Allen Miller, St. Augustine Board Chairman, and representatives of the James P. Raymond Jr. Foundation. The Very Rev. Henry J. Davis SSJ, St. Augustine High School Chief Religious Officer will bless the bus and the ceremony. 

Members of the media, alumni, and the public shared in the event. The Marching 100 performed for the honored guests. 

The ceremony recognized Anne Raymond, Christine Raymond, and other members of the Raymond family. Earlier this year, the James P. Raymond Jr. Foundation invested in the enhancement and expansion of technology equipment for the St. Augustine faculty members. 

“We are deeply grateful to the James P. Raymond Jr. Foundation for the many ways they support our school and, in particular, for this remarkable gift and what it represents for the future of education at St. Augustine,” Dr. St. Charles said. “This partnership helps us to offer our students the best education and expand their learning opportunities in the region.”

Whether transporting students across town or to a distant destination, the bus is a reliable form of transportation that will address a host of school needs. The gift will also have an impact on the school's bottom line by providing savings on bus rental fees well into the future. Moreover, the bus combines reliability and functionality with comfort for students while proudly displaying the school's colors and brand. 



New St. Aug Bus Dedication
New St. Aug Bus Dedication

St. Augustine student film crew members captured the bus dedication ceremony.