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Service Learning

We believe that each student ministers to one another through faith and service, thereby building and supporting the community of faith at St. Augustine High School. You will find members of our community involved in service work seven days a week, and even over the summer vacation.

Every student is required to do 40 hours of Community Service.  The students may earn their service hours during the summer vacation or during the school year. 10 hours of service hours are each quarter, if the student decides to do his hours during the year.

Jesus’ mission was one of teaching, serving, and living among the people.  Likewise, Jesus calls us to minister to our neighbors in the everyday passage of life. In this way, we carry out God’s message and manifest His love here on earth.

St. Augustine’s Service Learning seeks to move the classroom discussion of the personal and social components of Christianity into real life works of service.  Student community service is the start of a lifetime gift of self to others.  Service brings students into the community so they can experience living the principles and beliefs of the Christian life. 

Service Learning is a chance for the St. Augustine student to respond to Jesus’ call to feed, clothe, comfort, teach and help “the least needy of my brothers and sisters.” (Matthew 25:31-46).  This call, repeated throughout history in the Church’s teachings and documents, has always been generously practiced by the faithful in the Christian community. It is now passed on to our students to carry out the work of Christ and contribute to building a better world for all.

Campus Ministry Service Hours Completed by Students