Mission and Goals

  • Mission Statement

    Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, St. Augustine High School is the training ground for leadership through academic excellence, moral values, Christian responsibility and reasonable, consistent discipline.


    The Goals of St. Augustine High School are the following:

    • To open its doors to young men, especially the economically disadvantaged, who are willing to strive for excellence;
    • To develop each individual to the fullness of his own unique capacity;
    • To foster Christian values based on the sacred scriptures and Roman Catholic Tradition;
    • To provide each student with educational opportunities and experiences related to his African-American heritage and his American citizenship;
    • To instill in each student the responsibilities of leadership in family, church, community and society at-large; and,
    • To carry out the mission of Evangelization as part of the Josephite charism.
Knight on horse

Alma Mater

  • Rise, Sons of the Gold and Purple.

    Let our swelling chorus sound

    For the glory of St. Augustine

    And the honor of our Alma Mater’s Name.

    Alma Mater, St. Augustine,

    Alma Mater, Josephite High;

    We will serve you with true devotion,

    And be loyal sons of yours forever more!