Principal's Message

  • St. Augustine High School is rooted in deep tradition and unwavering faith. It is a place where prayer and service are as important as any other facet of school life. It is also a community where everyone knows what it means to work hard. Our alumni give generously of their time, treasure, and talent. Our parents help plan and execute countless activities and events, often, it must seem, spending more time at St. Augustine than at home. Our faculty, coaches, and staff work tirelessly to mold minds, strengthen bodies, and warm hearts. They work to keep our school engaging and our students safe.

    At St. Augustine, you will have knowledgeable, inspiring teachers and a community that demands your best efforts. We work with you to make you a better learner, a better person, and a future leader. Your school experience will prepare you for a world, unlike anything we can imagine.

    Click on the curriculum for insight into the academic goals and philosophies of each department and detailed information about each class. The Student Handbook offers comprehensive overviews of diploma requirements, school policies, extracurricular offerings, and other key information for your St. Augustine experience.

    It is my greatest hope that the St. Augustine spirit will continue to thrive and to fulfill our mission to form young men who are leaders, intellectually competent, religious, loving, and committed to justice. I feel very blessed to be a part of this magnificent endeavor!

    At your service,
    Sean J. Goodwin '95