Faith & Service

  • Mass At the heart of St. Augustine High School’s community is our spiritual atmosphere, which sets us apart from other area high schools. Students have the opportunity to explore, challenge, develop, and live out their faith through our theology curriculum, campus ministry, liturgy, retreats, and service program.

    Lead by our Catholic tradition, we develop students to their fullest potential as leaders and as responsible citizens of the world. We are guided by a strong set of moral values, a sense of service and a love of learning.

    Our four-year theology program encompasses theology, comparative religions, morality, philosophy and social justice issues. By taking an active part in the Catholic community at St. Augustine students not only live, but also share their faith with others.

    Mass is offered to students and faculty daily in the campus Chapel. Once a month we celebrate Mass as a whole with the entire student body. Each year, students attend a retreat with thier class. These retreats provide a way to develop a deeper spiritual relationship with other members of the class, with the self, and with God in a holistic atmosphere.

    Through service hours and community service projects, students carry out God’s message and manifest his love here on earth. We believe that Jesus calls us to minister to our neighbors in the everyday passage of life. Our programs are inclusive of all faith backgrounds and we seek to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in our St. Augustine community.