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Physical Education

This is a course required for graduation. Health Education is a semester course which contains instruction in CPR, nutrition, personal health, safety and first aid, substance use and abuse, family living, mental and emotional heath, environmental and community health, and communicable and non-communicable diseases. In addition, there will be 16 hours of state-mandated substance abuse prevention training. The course is designed to expose every student to activities useful as lifetime recreational pursuits. The course also introduces physical fitness as part of the curriculum. Required units in Physical Education I are as follows: basketball, bowling, flag football, physical fitness, softball, and track and field.
Physical Education II will focus on presenting students with a wide variety of sports and leisure activities, which will enable them to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
This course focuses on fostering an awareness of the fitness lifestyle. Skills and techniques will be taught in a wide variety of weight training exercises. Proper stretching techniques, the energy cycle and its functions, aerobic exercises and proper nutritional habits will also be addressed.
This course is an advanced course building on the skills learned in prior physical education courses.