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St. Augustine's rigorous curriculum is designed not only to prepare students for college and beyond, but to instill a love of learning that helps them pursue their passions and interests to the fullest. Here’s a closer look at St. Augustine’s minimum requirements for graduation:

In order to qualify for graduation, each student is required to successfully complete at least 32 Carnegie Units. The State of Louisiana requires that each student completes 23 Carnegie Units in order to graduate. Here’s a closer look at St. Augustine's minimum requirements for graduation:

  • Theology: Four units.
  • English: Four units.
  • Mathematics: Four units.
  • Social Studies: Four units.
  • Science: Four units.
  • Foreign Language: Two units. 
  • Art or Music Performance Courses: Four units.
  • Physical Education and Health: Two units.

In addition to these requirements, St. Augustine offers a wide variety of electives—in everything from Psychology and Entrepreneurship. 

Led by dedicated faculty members, each academic department at St. Augustine strives to help students perform to their full potential. To read more about each department’s goals and course offerings, please choose a department from the menu.

2016-17 Base Curriculum

8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
English English I English II English III English IV
Pre-Algebra Algebra I Geometry Algebra II Advanced Math
Earth Science (Honors) World Geography World History American History American Government
Louisiana History Physical Science Biology Chemistry Environmental Science
Theology Theology I Theology II Theology III Theology IV
Test Prep Health/Physical Ed Foreign Language ACT Prep Elective I
Computer Applications (Honors) Elective I Elective II Elective I Elective II