St. Augustine High School Marching 100 announces 2020-2021 Drum Majors

The St. Augustine High School Marching 100, under the direction of Director of Bands, Ray Johnson ’81, announced the selection of the drum majors for the 2020-2021, academic year. St. Augustine seniors Phillip Gullage IV, and Fabian Taylor II, were selected from a candidate pool of both junior and senior Marching 100 drum major applicants.
“As with all positions in the Marching 100, becoming drum major takes an incredible amount of hard work and dedication. The Drum Majors are powerful student leadership positions with many important responsibilities. These young men are held to the very highest standards of musical and behavioral excellence,” said Ray Johnson, St. Augustine Director of Bands. "Moreover, these responsibilities are not exclusive to band participation and events, but are year-round responsibilities. Drum majors are expected to lead on the marching field, in the classroom, and in our community."
Drum major candidates endure months of training, and grueling auditions that include a demonstration of basic baton techniques, whistle commands and conducting skills. Final candidates must meet tough academic requirements, submit an essay, demonstrate traditional Marching 100 drum major visual elements, and conduct the band in various selections, and drills. 
2020– 2021 Marching 100 Drum Majors:
  • Phillip Gullage IV, is a four-year trumpet player and a member of the school's film and media team.  
  • Fabian Taylor II, is a five-year trombone player and a member of the St. Augustine Campus Ministry team.