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Voting Process

How to vote

Vote for Hall of Famers 

The goal of the Hall of Fame ceremony, held annually, is to recognize and forever honor the legendary individuals who either played a significant and vital role in establishing St. Aug’s legacy or who through their career and life’s work greatly exemplified the qualities of a loyal and dedicated Purple Knight.
The process to elect Hall of Fame inductees follows:

  • Hall of Fame nominations are accepted from community members via the St. Augustine website. 
  • Hall of Fame inductee electors are graduates of St. Augustine or, are members of the Josephites.
  • To be eligible to cast a vote, the alumnus must be a current financial supporter of the school at the $150 or above level during the current fiscal year: August 1 of the previous year to July 31 of the current year.
  • Voting is conducted electronically via email.  If an email address does not exist for an eligible donor, an attempt will be made by the alumni office to contact the alumnus via phone or mail so that his email address can be updated.
  • The top six individuals as selected by the majority of the votes cast by the eligible alumni electors are voted into the Hall of Fame. 
  • Alumni are invited to make a $150 gift to be eligible to cast a vote in the next Hall of Fame election cycle.  Visit to make your gift today.