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Honors & Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

About the Hall of Fame

St. Augustine High School is a unique school. A school that has, since its founding in 1951, consistently taken young African-American men and instilled in them a sense of purpose, pride, and determination that prepared them for any and all obstacles they would face in their chosen careers and endeavors. Legendary, dedicated, and at times thankless visionaries and mentors have served the school over the years as teachers, coaches, Josephite priests and brothers, counselors, administrators, volunteers, mentors, and loyal supporters. These dedicated individuals are responsible for creating the Purple Knight mystique that continues to be a driving and ever-present force that ensures the sense of brotherhood and excellence to which the school is admired and well-known.

It is in recognition of these outstanding leaders who contributed so much to the school that we are pleased to introduce this very special and memorable event. All dedicated and passionate alumni and friends will not want to miss this celebration as we honor, recognize, and remember a wide-range of individuals, some who are currently making a significant difference as well as the legends and shapers of our alma mater to whom we are forever grateful.