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Your participation matters at St. Augustine High School. Here’s why…

Every year, thousands of St. Aug alumni, parents, friends, and students make gifts to the school. These generous contributions range in size, but every gift is transformative, helping our students to discover, connect, and achieve great things around the globe. The strength of alumni participation in the school’s giving program is confirmation that alumni continue to believe in St. Augustine and take pride in the school’s mission.

Ensure that you are Hall of Fame Voter Eligible 
Alumni supporting the school with a financial gift of at least $100 from August 1, 2017, to July 31, 2018, are eligible to vote in the Hall of Fame election.

Alumni participation is crucial for St. Aug to thrive…

  • Your gift has an impact! Gifts support the following areas:
    • Support student financial aid
    • Provide quality programs for students
    • Attract and retain top faculty
    • Support faculty professional growth
    • Provide students with an environment where they can reach their full potential
  • When added together, small gifts do big things. Think a gift of $25 won’t make a difference for St. Aug? It definitely will. In the 2017-18 academic year, more than 1,000 donors supported St. Augustine, and many of these donors were alumni, which helped the school provide student scholarships, technology enhancements, resources for athletics and much more.
  • Your gift has the power to help St. Aug raise even more. Many corporations and foundations use alumni participation as a determining factor in deciding whether to fund grant requests. Additionally, strong alumni participation attracts the support of larger donors who like to invest in success.

2021 Recognition of Donors