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The Ray Fritz Library

Hours:  7 a.m. - 7:15 a.m., both lunch periods, 3 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. on regularly scheduled school days.

The mission of the St. Augustine Library is to teach students 21st-century research skills and information gathering techniques that are vital in today's world. 

Students acquire these skills through library instruction and hands-on use of library materials and resources. The librarians work closely with dedicated faculty from all disciplines to ensure that library research is integrated into the curriculum. In addition, the librarians encourage students to develop a love of reading and lifelong learning.

The library also plays an integral role in student life at St. Augustine. On a typical school day, you’ll find students collaborating on projects, engaged in quiet reading, working on computers, or editing video in the media center under the direction of the supervisor of the St. Augustine Film team. 


  • More than 20,000 books and reference volumes.
  • Numerous periodicals, magazines, and newspapers in print format. 
  • Special print collections that cater to the cultural/historical traditions of our student body and institution.
  • An Occupational/Testing (ACT, SAT)/Collegiate section that fosters education and thought about career/post-high school possibilities and opportunities.
  • Various statues, framed photos, prints, art pieces, globes, seasonal collectibles (Christmas wreaths, Kwanzaa candles, Mardi Gras masks, etc.) and student works that are on display on permanent or reoccurring bases to provide an ambiance of thoughtfulness and quiet reflection. 

Electronic/Audio-Visual Resources:

  • Online databases: New Orleans Public Library (includes many major databases used for academic research); ProQuest. 
  • Online electronic catalog, Destiny (through Follett), accessing our entire collection of circulating and non-circulating materials.
  • Developing EBook and audiobook collections.
  • Large screen televisions available for class and small meeting presentations.
  • An extensive CD/DVD collection that supports the curricular interests of our students and faculty.
  • Loan available CD Players, Television-DVD combinations for classroom use.

Other Services Provided:

    • Basic school supplies (at cost) for students--Pencils, pens, blank CDs.
    • Workstation tools (free) for students—Staplers, hole punchers, scissors, etc.
    • Copier/printer capabilities with 24/7 access through
    • Whiteboards, overhead projectors, globes, podiums (for one day loan to teachers).

The Library/Media Center attempts to find a balance between the expanding possibilities of developing technologies and the powerful traditions and rich heritage of knowledge stewardship of the past. That applies to librarianship in general but also to the particular development of the library within St. Augustine High School itself.  Starting out as a room, and then a series of connecting rooms, it has evolved into a modernistic, multi-functional environment through the insight and vision of Rev. Wilbur Atwood, S.S.J. 

The library’s areas allow for standard use for independent study (carrels), group study (tables), computer use (single computer tables), or quiet reading (cloth chairs).  The openness and flexibility of both furniture and the space have allowed the library to be used for, variously: meetings, press conferences, online classes, photo shoots, a high stakes testing site, and other activities and events that support the mission of St. Augustine High School.  The library has become one of the crown jewels of the campus and has been maintained as such so that all who enter are impressed by its comfortable, welcoming atmosphere.  All of this, of course, as the last two lines of our alma mater profess, “For the Glory of St. Augustine, and the Honor of Our Alma Mater’s Name.”