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Creative Arts

Fall Student Art features still life drawings.


The St. Augustine Fall Student Art Show is on display on the school's website.


This gallery highlights student work from an introductory art class taught by Ms. Kara Crowley featuring still life drawings.


According to Ms. Crowley, throughout the semester, the students learned the basic principles of composition and design, focusing on depicting light and shadow to create an illusion of volume and weight.


For the still life assignment, students selected objects and placed them onto the page using the “rule of thirds” to balance the composition. The students learned that they are part of a continuing artistic tradition following in the footsteps of famous artists like Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, Cézanne, and others who worked in this genre.


The gallery features still life drawings by Kyle Page, Jaedon Simmons, Donald Hookfin, Zion Brown, Kenneth Bickham, and Blaise Singleton