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Board of Directors

St. Augustine's Board of Directors includes alumni from several decades, past and current parents of St. Augustine students, and five members of the Society of St. Joseph. Together, they share fiduciary responsibility for the governance of St. Augustine, serving to oversee and shape broad policies that ensure the school remains financially sound and stays true to its mission. 

St. Augustine Board of Directors 

Elected Board Members: 

Craigile Brumfield '88 - Chairman

Alfred Harrell, III '90 -  Vice Chairman

Monique Hamilton, M.D. - Secretary + Academic Committee Chair

Frederick Tombar, III '87 - Building & Grounds Committee Chair

Rochester “Rock” Anderson, Jr. '79 -Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

Annie Clark

Dr. Keenan Davis

Dr. Monique Guillory 

Brittany Major

Randolph "Randy" Philipson

Kawana Ripoll 

Dr. Jesse Watson 

Josephite Appointees
Rev. Oswald P. Pierre-Jules, SSJ, Josephite Area Director for New Orleans

Rev. Thomas Frank, SSJ, Josephite Director of Education

Rev. Nelson Moreira SSJ, Josephite Finance Director

Ex-Officio Members, Non-Voting
Aulston G. Taylor, President
Rev. Etido Jerome, SSJ, Chief Religious Officer