The Code of the PURPLE KNIGHT

  • The Purple Knight is a man of Christian virtue and a man of honor.

    The Purple Knight is loyal to his God, to his family, to his friends, to his
    school and to his country and will never knowingly disgrace them.

    The Purple Knight is a man of character who values courage and
    honesty who values and respects all life and with St. Paul has put aside
    all childish ways.

    The Purple Knight is always a gentleman for he is considerate of others?
    sensibilities.  He manifests his Christian joy by his readiness to come to
    the aid of those in need.

    The Purple Knight respects his God by keeping the commandments and
    the frequent use of the church’s sacraments.

    The Purple Knight respects his teachers for he understands that they
    serve as guides on his way to a productive life.

    The Purple Knight is chivalrous by first of all having a devotion to the
    Mother of Jesus, Mary and flowing from that devotion a respect for all
    women whether young or old.

    The Purple Knight shows respect for himself by his appearance, actions
    and speech.

    The Purple Knight shows respect for his school by striving to make it
    the best that it can be by the care he shows for its physical structure and
    equipment and the spirit and enthusiasm he exhibits for all its activities.

    The Purple Knight realizes that through his baptism he has put on Jesus
    Christ and that his life-long vocation is to make that identity come into
    sharper focus.