The Archdiocese of New Orleans placed the school under the patronage of St. Augustine of Hippo, a preeminent Christian and scholar of Africa, and a Father of the Church. This was appropriate since from its inception the school was designated for the education of young men from Black Catholic families of New Orleans. Although St. Augustine now welcomes students of any national or ethnic background, it has remained the leading secondary school for black males in Louisiana, and is nationally recognized in educational circles for outstanding success in preparing its students for higher education.

St. Augustine High School led the way in battling segregation in New Orleans. The successful legal challenges mounted by the school resulted in the de-segregation of the high school athletics in the state of Louisiana. The famed “Marching 100” was the first African-American high school band to march in the REX parade on Mardi Gras Day.

In 1971, St. Augustine underwent physical expansion with the addition of a wing to accommodate new science laboratories, a gymnasium and athletic complex, and a music complex. In 2005 the Warren and Hilda Donald Business and Technology Center was dedicated. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this facility ensures that St. Augustine students will remain competitive in a technology-driven society.