Speech and Debate aims to develop students’ skills and confidence in the areas of public speaking, research, debate, and creative performance through exposure to the competitive events of Louisiana Speech and Debate.

The club covers both logic and argumentation as well as the fundamentals of effective public speaking: preparation, pace, tone, facial and vocal expressiveness, and anxiety management.

Mt. Carmel Tournament 2014

Daniel Davillier-Declamation 1st Place
Marc Barnes-Declamation 3rd Place
Adonis Billizon-Johnson– Congressional Debate 2nd Place
Malik Gibson -Original Oratory 1st Place
Blaine Derbigny-Orignal Oratory 2nd Place
Original Interpretation 3rd Place (tie)
Christopher Morris-Impromtu 3rd Place
Original Interpretation 3rd Place (tie)
Christopher Morris– Humorous Interpretation 4th Place (no trophy or award given)