Outright gifts of securities (stocks, bonds and mutual funds) and other assets provide St. Augustine High School with much-needed financial assistance. Gifts of appreciated securities also provide the donor with income tax charitable deduction and capital gains tax savings:

To make a gift of a security:

  • Please call the Office of Institutional Advancement at (504) 940-5980 for more information. 
  • For gifts of securities, after contacting St. Aug, notify your broker that you wish to make a gift to St. Augustine High School. Your broker may transfer the shares of stock to our account:

Account number: 686-089835

Broker: Morgan Stanley (DTC: 0015)

Contact our broker: Anita Helm at (410) 229-8209

  • To transfer stock certificates by mail, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement. You may also give mutual fund shares to St. Augustine High School.

Other gifts, such as personal property, artwork, and real estate are also accepted, and are sold for funds to help support our mission of academic excellence and Christian responsibility.