Beginning Band

Ninth graders with little or no previous band experience may enroll in Beginning Band Class, which meets daily. Interested students must schedule an appointment with the band director before selecting this course.

Band I

Band is a full-credit elective course that meets five times a week during the school day. Attendance at all out-of-school rehearsals and performances is mandatory. Homework in the form of practice is assigned nightly.

Band II, III, IV

Students with well-developed musical skills may be placed in Advanced Band, a class that consists of Marching Band, Concert Band and Symphonic Band. The ‘Marching 100’ is organized for performances at marching festivals, halftime shows and parades.

Art I

The main focus of this course is to teach the fundamentals and techniques involved in creating various art forms. Basic elements of artistic design such as color theory, shading, and perspective are covered in depth. Studio activities and assignments include drawing, painting, relief printing, drafting and architecture.

Art II

This course is designed to further the student?s knowledge and skill level in the areas covered in Art I, with special emphasis on the historical perspective of each area covered.

Fine Arts Survey

This course is a one credit elective intended to develop in the students an appreciation of visual art, theatre, music, and movement. This survey course includes speech, drama, drawing, voice, and an introduction to instrumental music.

Architecture/Mechanical Drafting

This course involves the study of architectural drafting techniques and identifying the steps in planning a residence. They will identify the characteristics which affect building design and for developing a preliminary residential sketch. Also, this core mechanical drafting course teaches students to draw, interpret and present orthographic and isometric designs of mechanical products and their individual components.


This class provides to the opportunity to explore various engineering careers and basic engineering techniques and it will also include on-the-site training under the supervision of an engineering mentor.