In this course, students realize the basic sociological fundamentals and applications at work in historic and contemporary society. Students examine and discuss issues such as racial and ethnic heritage and relations, social problems, religion, social status, and variation of social norms. Basics of social research will be explored.

World Geography

The class starts with an introduction to geography, in which students will learn the five themes of geography, the features that define the earth, the climate patterns of the earth, how to study peoples and cultures of the earth and how to use various geographic tools. From there students will use the skills they have […]


This class introduces students to basic economic principles, organization, and operation of the U.S. economy. Students will examine current economic topics including fundamental economic problems, the circular flow of income, supply and demand, the price system, functions of government in capitalism, business fluctuations, fiscal and monetary policies, international economics as well as basic and personal […]


This class examines the background, principles, nature, and structure of American government. Emphasis is placed on the responsibility of citizens as well as their fundamental rights.

American History – Honors AP

This class is designed to provide students with the analytic skills and factual knowledge necessary to deal critically with the problems and materials in U.S. History. Students will learn to assess historical materials – their relevance to a given interpretive problem, reliability, and importance to weigh the evidence and interpretations presented in historical scholarship. This […]

American History

This class is a chronological survey of the development of the country’s political, social, and economic institutions. In addition to studying the events of America?s past, students are required to evaluate differing interpretations of our nation’s history. While all aspects of American history are introduced, the major emphasis of the instruction is in the area […]

World History

This class will present a general overview of world history including a study of modern political systems and ideas. It is a multimedia inquiry into those forces which contributed to present day civilization beginning with the classical age and ending with modern times.

Spanish II

This class continues to develop listening, understanding, speaking, reading, and writing. This course introduces and covers the past tenses which are used grammatically and in context. Cultural activities are presented throughout the course.

Spanish I

This class consists of intensive drills in understanding, speaking, and reading, listening and writing Spanish. It teaches the elements of pronunciation and the essentials of grammar. Cultural activities are presented throughout the course.

French II

This class stresses the grammatical structure of the language along with continued understanding, speaking, reading, and writing of French. The student is required to read French stories and to compose short compositions, both oral and written. Cultural activities are presented throughout the course.