Theology I

The Catholic Christian Living/Prayer and Sacraments are an examination of Catholic Christian living. The course is designed to demonstrate how the creeds, canons, and moral codes found in the Scriptures and historical writings of the Catholic Church are put into practice. This goal is primarily accomplished by means of an extensive study of the liturgy, […]


The mathematical focus is confined to geometric arguments, scale drawing, algebra, and limited trigonometry. The course will include a laboratory component to familiarize students with topics in Physics. Seniors who have at least a “C” average in Algebra II and have earned at least a “C” in all science courses will be enrolled in this […]

Environmental Science

This is a full-year elective course that presents an overview of oceanography and marine biology with an emphasis on environmental science and Louisiana wetland studies and conservation. The oceanography section focuses on the geological formations that shape our oceans and their various coastal formations. The marine biology section focuses on the various forms of marine […]


This class is a basic course in general inorganic chemistry. Major topics include atomic structure, periodicity of elements, chemical reactions, molecular interactions, and the nature of matter. Students will be introduced to proper lab safety, material handling, and lab procedures to prepare them for the college experience.

Biology – Honors

This class will be taken by those students whose academic record and science background indicate the ability to work at an advanced level. The course covers the same topics as biology in more depth which includes enrichment activities and additional laboratory work and dissections.


This class utilizes traditional classroom techniques to study living organisms from the simplest to the most complex. The objective of the course is to bring the student to a clearer understanding of the significance of life and the balance of nature via the study of the interrelationship of living things and their environmental adaptations. Students […]

Physical Science

This class is a survey of the fundamental principles of physics and chemistry. The metric system, the scientific method, descriptive chemistry, force, motion, heat, light, electrical energy, organic chemistry, and the periodic table are also topics that will be covered. Physical science serves to prepare students for future work in biology, chemistry, and physics.

African American Studies

This course is structured to trace African American History from the African ways of life, through the transformation of arriving in America, slavery, and on to the present, called the Diaspora. This course is fast paced and very in depth. Supplemental reading and projects are required.


Entrepreneurship is designed to explore the personal characteristics and resources needed in business ownership. Instruction is also designed to explore the process of planning, organizing, financing, and managing a business in a capitalistic economy.

Intro to Business

This class is a comprehensive program for an introduction to business. The goal of the course is for students to understand how the American business economy operates and to help them prepare to make decisions as consumers, wage earners, and citizens within that economy. The program combines explanations of business and economic concepts with practical […]