St. Augustine’s Eighth Grade Rite of Passage ceremony was held on Thursday, May 19, at Corpus Christi-Epiphany Catholic Church.

The rite of passage is a special day to recognize and celebrate the eighth-grade students. The eighth graders, surrounded by family, friends, faculty and administration, celebrated their success with words of wisdom, advice and acknowledgement. David Ker III, was the class speaker and Frank Wilson IV, offered a reflection. David Ker III, is the son of Martha Samayoa and David Ker Jr. Frank Wilson IV, is the son of Frank Wilson III, and Tiffany Wilson.


Fr. Tony Ricard was the celebrant. It truly was a memorable ceremony as the St. Aug family wished the students well as they begin their journey to high school.


Students in grades six through eight wear a purple tie each day. During the rite of passage, the 8th-grade students received a gray tie as an outward sign of their leadership and mark the start of their high school careers. Students were invited to remove the purple, middle school ties and put on the new gray tie for the first time.


Principal Sean J. Goodwin said the Rite of Passage is an important tradition at St. Augustine High School.

“Our students will remember this moment for the rest of their lives,” Mr. Goodwin said. “This is the first step that our rising Freshman take to become high school students and leaders at our school. Getting their high school tie is a very important event.”

The entire St. Augustine High School community extends our heartfelt congratulations to all of the fine young men who earned their ties at the recent 8th Grade Rite of Passage.



David Ker III, class speaker.


Frank Wilson IV, offers reflection.








Click the link below to read David Ker’s speech:
David Ker- Class of 2020- Rite of Passage Speech