RFQ- Project Management Services

St. Augustine High School invites bids for a qualified project management services provider (PM). The PM will provide planning, execution, and monitoring services related to completing storm damage construction projects. PM must have the ability to manage multiple projects, solve conflicts, have research capabilities, analyze information and prepare assessment reports with recommendations. Services required include project management for design and construction phases, time, cost, and quality control, information management, and claims mitigation for $1 million to $2 million in FEMA-funded repairs as further described in the RFQ. Submittal documents shall meet all the RFQ requirements. In addition to RFQ documents, bidders are to include: Cover Letter, comprehensive resumes of consultants, and detailed cost sheet. This RFQ supersedes and replaces any previously advertised request for qualifications for similar services.

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St Augustine High School – RFQ Pre-Submittal Meeting Q & A 

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