Rise, Sons of the Gold and Purple

St. Augustine men are known for the deep loyalty they have for their alma mater. Alumni clubs dedicated to the support of the school and the continuation of its mission can be found in Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and around the world. Among our many alumni rank some of the most prominent members of their communities locally and nationally. Alumni dedication to St. Aug and gratitude for what the school has meant to so many spurs all graduates in their daily endeavors to ensure that the Sons of the Gold and Purple will Rise!

Stay Connected!

Your role as a Purple Knight doesn’t end with graduation.  There is a greater need now to serve your school, your community and the brothers that will soon follow in your footsteps.

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Chapters & Auxiliary Groups


We encourage you to consider organizing and establishing a charter for an Alumni Chapter in your city! All of our Alumni Chapters work to support the mission of our school by providing strategic resources to advance the mission of their beloved Josephite High!

Please contact Kendrick Johnson at kjohnson@purpleknights.com to get the ball rolling.