Theology 8

This class traces the history of the Catholic Church, introducing students to Creed, sacramental development, and the people who contributed to the Church?s past. Additionally, students are taught how to face a variety of relationship choices and challenges beyond the home. They learn how to choose friends wisely and how to be a good friend and that respect, honesty, responsibility, temperance, and modesty find their place alongside the Christian virtues of love, justice, and the quest for genuine peace.

English 8

This class is designed to introduce the basic fundamentals of grammar and usage, including sentence formation. From there, students learn the organization and development of a paragraph. Students study various literary types as found in the literature anthology and young adult novels. A language unit is included as well as vocabulary study. Incorporated into this class are the study habits and skills that enable the student to be a successful learner both inside and outside of the classroom.

Math 8

This class will complete the student?s pre-high school mathematical foundation and provides an introduction to algebra through real-world applications. Topics covered include integers, variables and expressions; solving equations and inequalities; number theory; graphing; geometrical concepts; statistics and probability; percents and rational numbers; multiplying and factoring polynomials.

Algebra I

This class will be taken by those 8th graders whose academic record indicates the ability to handle the Algebra I curriculum. This program includes a study of variables and open sentences, problem solving, polynomials, special products and factoring, algebraic fractions, graphing, radicals, and real numbers.

Computer Literacy

This course has a dual purpose.

1. To inculcate fundamental academic skills in the following areas

? Listening and following directions ? Homework

? Organization ? Preparing for and taking tests

? Reading ? Research

? Note-taking ? Summarizing

2. To teach the computer skills needed in today?s world

? Computer terminology

? Competent use of software and hardware

? Windows

? Word

? PowerPoint

? Excel

? Effective use of the Internet

? Creation of Web pages

Earth Science

The students will study the structure and composition of the earth including the earth?s atmosphere, oceans, surface waters, landmasses and interior. Students investigate the dynamics of the earth?s changing surface and the role that energy plays in earth systems. Students learn how the earth?s ecological systems support life through environmental relationships and natural cycles. Students develop an understanding of ecological resources and wildlife conservation. Students relate the flow of matter and energy within an ecosystem. Through ?hands-on? investigation, students learn to conduct scientific investigations, think scientifically, and use scientific tools and technologies. Students learn to communicate scientific information and processes, and understand how developments in science and technology affect society and the environment.

Louisiana History

Louisiana history is a study of Louisiana and the other states included in the Louisiana Purchase. During the year Louisiana Day celebrates Louisiana’s unique culture by focusing on South Louisiana customs, traditions, and foods. Field trips are scheduled each year to places such as the Tensas National Wildlife Refuge or Poverty Point. This course covers everything from the Indians who lived in the state between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago to the modern day politics of Louisiana.

Literature 8

This class is a study of the literature and writings of the Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment Periods of Western Europe and Colonial and Revolutionary Periods of 17th and 18th century America. The readings correspond with the students’ study of history, and class discussions center on the historical impact of the writings, as well as their literary value.

Health and Physical Education

This is a program of indoor and outdoor lifetime physical education activities and instruction.


The students will learn to read, write and speak Spanish. Along with the language, they will learn about the culture through activities and projects. Successful completion of 7th & 8th grade Spanish will allow students to continue with Spanish II in high school.

Study Skills

This class will help to identify your skills that need to be refined or reinforced.

Reading 8

8th grade Reading will focus on the skills necessary to become successful readers. Students will develop critical thinking and comprehension skills in a variety of categories including: figures of speech, compare/contrast, fact/opinion, drawing conclusions, predicting determining author?s purpose and style, main ideas and details, making inferences, summarizing, and the use of context clues for defining vocabulary.