American History

The 7TH Grade Social Studies course is a study of United States History from pre-Revolutionary beginnings through Reconstruction with special emphasis on Louisiana?s role in this history. The advanced course will emphasize analytical thinking and writing skills in the process of teaching historical, geographic, economic, and governmental concepts.

Math 7

Students who complete the Math 7 course will have used a variety of real-world applications while acquiring the foundation and skills needed to be successful in Introduction to Algebra. Topics covered include numbers and operations, fractions, decimals, percents, integers, measurement, data, statistics, probability, geometric and spatial relationships, algebraic relationships and problem solving. Emphasis on drill and timed tests will increase students? computational and arithmetical competency.

Math 7 Honors (Pre-Algebra)

Introduction to Algebra completes the student?s pre-high school mathematics foundation and provides an introduction to algebra through real-world applications. Topics covered include integers, variables and expressions; solving equations and inequalities; number theory; graphing; geometric concepts; statistics and probability; percents and rational numbers; multiplying and factoring polynomials. The course provides mathematical competency for success in the high school curriculum.

Language Arts 7/Reading 7

7th grade students will read, comprehend, and critically analyze a variety of fiction and non-fiction. Developing communication skills, note-taking skills, and comprehension skills, students will become adept in synthesizing information and orally communicating that information along with their own opinions and ideas. Students will also plan, revise, edit, and publish clear and effective writing as well as explore various grammatical structures as a means of improving communication. Students will also experience outside cross-curricular readings.

Theology 7

This is a course that will center on Jesus? life, his teachings, and the sacraments he instituted. Students learn how to help and serve others out of compassion and solidarity-a belief that we all need one another. This course also includes a unit on personal interaction, personal responsibility and self respect.

Physical Science 7

This is a survey of the fundamental principles of physics and Chemistry, the metric system, the scientific method, descriptive chemistry, force, motion, heat, light, electrical energy, organic chemistry, and the periodic table. The course does include math and algebraic operations to be used in problem solving. Physical Science serves to prepare students for future work in biology, chemistry and physics.

Physical Education 7

This course, offered every other day throughout the school year, focuses on the fundamentals of basic exercise, with emphasis on a student setting personal health and physical Strength and endurance goals.

Computer Science

This course will introduce students to computer literacy by teaching a variety of skills, including: keyboarding, word processing, desktop publishing, database management and spreadsheet development. Students learn how to research using the Internet, online card catalog, electronic presentations and web designs.


The students will learn to read, write and speak Spanish. Along with the language, they will learn about the culture through activities and projects. Successful completion of 7th & 8th grade Spanish will allow students to continue with Spanish II in high school.

Study Skills

This class will help to identify your skills that need to be refined or reinforced.

Reading 7

7th grade Reading will focus on the skills necessary to become successful readers. Students will develop critical thinking and comprehension skills in a variety of categories including: figures of speech, compare/contrast, fact/opinion, drawing conclusions, predicting determining author?s purpose and style, main ideas and details, making inferences, summarizing, and the use of context clues for defining vocabulary.