Kendal Rowan Wins Catholic Textbook Project

Kendal Rowan Wins Catholic Textbook Project

Catholic Textbook Project recently announced St. Augustine High School student Kendal Rowan as one of four winners in the publishing company’s first, but highly sought after, history essay contest.

Kendal won in the grade 7/8 Catholic School Division for an essay about St. Katherine Drexel who used the entirety of her vast inheritance to found schools and universities for Native and African Americans across the United States, most of which still operate today.

In Catholic Textbook Project’s 2015 History Essay Contest, students were challenged to choose a Catholic historical character and describe how he or she influenced the times in which he or she lived. The contest ran April-May and was open to students in Catholic schools—parochial, private or homeschooled, grades 5-8. Nearly 2,000 entries were submitted and prizes were awarded to both student and school winners.

“We received an overwhelming response to this history essay contest; far more than we expected,” says Glen Mueller, chairman of Catholic Textbook Project. “It was wonderful to see, especially since many of the submissions were of such exceptional quality that our judges did not find it an easy task to pick the best essays.”

Winners earned $100. Students at Catholic schools also won a $400 gift certificate for Catholic Textbook Project material for their classroom. Read Kendal’s winning essay below.

Saint Katharine Drexel By Kendal Rowan 

View the complete list of winners here.