Jean-Paul Willard Attends National Youth Leadership Forum

Jean-Paul Willard Attends National Youth Leadership Forum

Jean-Paul Willard, a sophomore at St. Augustine High School, attended the 2015 National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF): Medicine this summer from June 21 – June 29, in Washington D.C.


Willard joined the nation’s highest achieving high school students to pick up real-world medical career experience and explore professional opportunities in the expanding fields of medicine and health care. He spent time with like-minded peers – students who come from top high schools all across the U.S. who will be his future colleagues in college and beyond. Together, they participated in discussions, workshops and explored a variety of medical procedures, practicing on lifelike mannequins.


NYLF Medicine is a part of the Envision family of programs, enabling students of all ages to explore their interests and experience learning beyond the classroom. Throughout the nine-day program, students are introduced to emerging issues in public health, medical ethics, research, and general practice. Site visits to top medical schools and clinical facilities expose the next generation of medical professionals to the real world of medicine.


The NYLF Medicine curriculum also features an emergency medical training simulation where students explore ways to provide medical help when care is hours away. This special simulation was created in collaboration with the Division of Emergency Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine by Dr. Henry Curtis, EMMOC Course Director and under the guidance of Dr. Paul Auerbach, a leading authority and author in the field.


“The program provides an important behind-the-scenes perspective on medical careers,” Dean of Academic Affairs for NYFL Medicine Marguerite C. Regan, Ph.D. said. “This is a critical time for high school students to begin exploring their career paths, just prior to immersing themselves in college coursework”.


Many of the students who attended the forum are nominated on their demonstrated academic excellence, leadership potential, and interests in medicine.

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