Altar Dedicated In Honor of St. Joseph

Altar Dedicated In Honor of St. Joseph

NEW ORLEANS – Students, parents, faculty and staff of St. Augustine High School donated bread, cake, candles, hard candies and other treats in order to build an Altar in honor of St. Joseph.

We are blessed to be led by the Society of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart (The Josephites). Our St. Joseph’s Altar is our way of showing honor to the men who have dedicated their lives to our school. It will also allow us to join them in honoring one of the patron Saints of St. Augustine High School.

The St. Joseph’s Altar is Sicilian in origin. During a terrible famine, the people of Sicily pleaded to St. Joseph, their patron saint, for relief. St. Joseph answered their prayers, and the famine ended. In gratitude, they prepared a table with foods they had harvested. After paying homage to St. Joseph, they distributed the food to the less fortunate.

In New Orleans, families, schools and churches create St. Joseph’s Altars as a way of thanking God for providing food and nourishment to their families. It is also a concrete prayer that asks God to continue “putting food on our tables.

St. Joseph’s Day Mass:

On Thursday, March 19, 2015, at 10:00 a.m., we will gather at St. Raymond and St. Leo the Great Church to celebrate our annual St. Joseph’s Day Mass. Our Celebrant will be Fr. Michael Thompson, SSJ, Vicar General of the Society of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart. We are very excited to have him join us for our Mass honoring St. Joseph.